Are shifts in consumer buying patterns due to Covid-19?

Remember when you used to go to the mall to shop for the latest fashion threads at H&M? Or try on a pair of fly Nikes at Foot Locker? Or sip on a smoothie at Orange Julius? It seems so long ago, but that reality was only a year ago for most of us. This […]

How will self-driving vehicles affect your business?

The buzz on autonomous vehicles has died down a bit in the last five years. The Gartner Hype Curve for Connected Vehicles shows why. Many of these technologies are past the hype and are now coming to fruition. But the big question is: how will self-driving vehicles affect industries outside of carmakers and, most importantly, […]

Food trends for 2021: new “forks” in the road

Through February 2020, the food industry was responding to trends affecting consumers today. Eating on the go, exploration of food delivery apps, less cooking at home, and more fine dining were top of mind. Convenient and healthy mini-meals and healthier options were changing products as well. But as of March 2020, many trends have shifted. […]