Real insights require real research

“How well do you know your customer?” It’s a question that a business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, or salesperson should be able to answer. But all too often that question is more complicated. Businesses have a perception of their customer, but often it’s an incomplete one. When you evaluate people in the aggregate with market reports […]

Connecting with customers in new ways

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that the world is a lot more volatile than we thought. Survival comes from those that are the most adaptable. Whether it’s modifying products or services, changing business models, or refocusing operations, businesses are mixing things up. And that is certainly the case when it comes to connecting […]

Insights gathering for breakthrough results

insights from multiple sources

The path to enlightenment isn’t always a straight line. The same can be true for gathering the insights you need to transform your business. Everyone’s looking for insights How many times have you heard these questions at your office or organization? What should we do with our business? How do we sell this new product? […]

Strategy vs. tactics and why you need both

Businesses close on a daily basis. It wasn’t the intent when they were first created, but it’s the reality that we deal with. Entrepreneurs start companies with the hope that a new product or service will change the world. They believe that people will come begging for what they have to offer with their wallets […]