Develop Your Company Vision, Then Deliver on It

In the wake of change, many companies either thrive or fail completely. Some companies will take advantage of the situation, while others will blame their circumstances. But it all comes down to how well it executes on its vision. The strength of a vision is in its ability to guide how a company takes on […]

Is clean air the new water? How COVID-19 will change an industry

Forget the water you’re drinking, or even the plastic bottles it comes in. The next big concern you’ll hear in the media is about the air that you breathe. Over the next few months, expect to see a surge in consumers concerned about what’s lurking in their lungs. Their biggest desire: to protect themselves from […]

Short-Term Wins vs Long-Term Strategy: Lessons from Marvel

One of the best strategists of this century probably won’t be recognized as such, though most people know his work. He has taken his company from almost nothing to one of the most profitable in the industry. And he did it with short-term wins that built on a longer-term, 12-year horizon. The brilliant strategist? It’s […]

The “New Normal”: How Post COVID-19 Will Change Business

working from home during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global issue, with its effects seen across demographics, economics, and political lines. While some countries come back online in a measured fashion, there’s speculation of when others will follow suit. We don’t know when we can finally put COVID-19 behind us, but it’s evident that it will have long-term ramifications. […]